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Layering Makes You Smell Great

Layering can make you smell great!

No, I’m not talking about putting on several layers of clothes. I’m talking about layering fragrances.

The idea is this: use the same fragrance in several different products to give your scent a boost. For instance, use soap, shampoo, and conditioner in the shower fragranced with Blackberry and Sage. After your shower, spritz your body with Blackberry and Sage after-bath splash. Next, apply lotion with the same scent. Then follow up with Blackberry and Sage cologne.

Most of these on their own don’t smell strongly, nor does the smell linger. But when you put them all together, you have a combination that will delight your sense of smell!

Let’s make up a quick after-bath splash. This is really easy!

Choose a fragrance you love, and add 0.5-1% to a base of alcohol like Everclear or a high proof vodka (for personal use only). Pour into a bottle and cap with a sprayer and shake well.

If you know the scent is compatible with Cyclomethicone, AND you want to make a lot of spray, then use 1 fl oz of scent into 1 gallon of cycomethicone. If you are making small amounts, like 1 bottle at a time, then put 28 mL cyclomethicone into the 1 fl oz bottle and 0.25 mL fragrance oil. Cap with sprayer and shake well.

Join me tomorrow as we look at other ways to scent with fragrance oils!

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