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Making Melt & Pour Soap with Infusions and Tinctures

I’m so excited to finally use some of these tinctures and infusions that I decided to show you how to use these in Melt and Pour soap. I have collected my supplies and I’m ready to start.

Supplies for Melt and Pour Soap
• Melt and Pour Soap
• Infusions that I just created with oil and dried herb
• Tinctures that I created with alcohol and dried herb
• Method of heating the Melt and Pour soap: microwave, tea kettle, etc.
• Microwavable container or pot for melting soap
• Stirring spoon or similar tool
• Containers and labels for finished product

I decided to make my soaps in the small 2.7 oz. rectangular clam-shells; this will be perfect to take to shipping so they can send out samples with the orders.

I started with smaller chunks of the Melt and Pour soap, roughly the size of a softball (not necessarily softball shaped) and placed in a large pot on the stove set at medium heat until all melted.

I added 1% infused oil into melted soap; I measured about 570 grams of soap and 6 grams of the infused oil. This allowed me to fill approximately 8 of the clamshell containers that I chose. Whatever container you choose to use you will need to do a little calculation to determine the amount of soap to infused oil to use.

Once the melt and pour soap was melted I weighed my soap and added the infused oil, then mixed well before pouring into the containers. Wow, that was easy!

I did notice that some of my soaps had a few bubbles on the top. This is the perfect time to use the tinctures! I sprayed the tincture directly on top of the soap and Voilà! the bubbles disappeared and I was able to use the tincture in my melt and pour soap!

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