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One Minute Technical Support - Lotion Problems

One Minute Technical Support - Lotion Problems

The batch has not yet be emulsified. High shear mixing is required after adequate heating.

A new post that will take no more than 1 minute to read but give you a HUGE difference in your adventurous making!

Have you had a lotion separate into a watery layer and an oily or waxy layer? If you have seen this, then I propose two problems that are most often the reason for calls to our Technical Support team. They are:

  1. You use phases – heating ingredients separately rather than dumping all ingredients into one bowl/heating vessel. Phases are meant for big batches to be heated economically, phases are not for small batches!
  2. Mixing using a handheld mixer or stand mixer. Please use an immersion blender when making lotions. You NEED the high shear mixing the immersion blender can offer. Hand mixers and stand mixers will prematurely cool your mixture and can cause graininess to occur.

The tools of the trade.

The tools of the trade.

What is an immersion blender? Well, let me give you 1,000 words in the format of a picture.

Further reading:

A lotion recipe that uses dump and mix method.

More comments about Phases and how to use them correctly.

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