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Recycling Buckets and Jars

Rough Canvas with Recycle Symbol

Rough Canvas with Recycle Symbol

Good morning everyone! I hope your day is off to a fantastic start. Today I want to talk about recycling buckets and jars that you have received from us. The buckets and jars that we use for packaging our great products can be used for many different purposes, not only here in the work place, but at home too!

All of our buckets are made out of HDPE plastic which stands for High Density Polyethylene. HDPE is used for packaging because it has excellent moisture barrier properties, is lightweight and flexible. HDPE plastic has a great resistance to chemicals which is why it is commonly used to package household and industrial cleaning products. HDPE can be recycled anywhere in the US that offers recycling programs.

Here at work, we re-use our emptied buckets for dirty laundry and making soap. The buckets can be used to carry water to plants and make emergency kits. We re-use the jars as well. Sometimes we use jars for holding fragrance samples, pens and pencils, or just any little trinket that needs a home. Rubber bands, anyone?

I also have quite the collection of buckets and jars at home that definitely come in handy! In my bathroom I have 5 jars that I use for my hair ties, bobby pins, cotton balls, q-tips, and my jewelry. I also have one on my desk full of office odds and ends. Buckets can be used for so many things around the house, you can store pretty much anything inside them. Buckets work well for cleaning up the house or for working in the garden. I mostly use my buckets at home for garden work. I am a new home owner so I have yet to buy myself a wheelbarrow. Let me tell you, having those buckets around has saved my life! I use them for weeds, rocks, flowers, and you name it. So what do you use your old buckets and jars for? I’d love to know! I have prizes for ingenious uses for up-cycling the pails and jars!


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