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Room Spray - Theft of an Essential Oil Blend

Room Spray - Theft of an Essential Oil Blend

Several days ago, Katy made a Sleepy Time Pillow Spray. She mixed up her blog samples then sat down to her computer to write. I was sitting at my own desk, behaving myself when I started to smell Katy’s wonderful essential oil blend. It was so good, I even ignored the freshly baked brownies in the kitchen. Seriously?! Who ignores chocolate? Especially warm brownies that are still soft and slightly gooey from the oven? Up until that point, I would have said not me. Boy, was I wrong!

This essential oil blend that Katy created is really good. I love the sweetness from the Lavender and Bourbon Geranium and the bright, happy aroma from the Ylang Ylang and the spicy herbal scent from the Wild Spanish Marjoram. So I promptly went to the blog kitchen and did the dishes. Now this seems like it might be normal behavior except, I will do nearly everything possible to avoid doing the dishes. It has become a source of much humor at the office to see what tasks I will do in order to avoid doing the dishes. I cleaned all of the dishes including the beaker Katy had used to mix up the essential oils for her Sleepy Time Pillow Spray.

Well… I cleaned the beaker after I had added a tiny bit of Polysorbate 20 and water and then poured that into a spray bottle. I admit it. I had an ulterior motive. But in my defense, I am absolutely in love with this blend! It would be a crime to waste to last little bit of essential oil clinging pitifully to the glass beaker! I was rescuing it! Yep, that is my story and I am sticking with it. I will be taking my precious bottle home and using it as a room spray to freshen my home as I do all of my intensive spring cleaning!

What fragrances or essential oils have made you fall in love and do silly things? Tell me! I want to know I am not alone!


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