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Safety and stewardship - my thoughts on the subject

Safety and stewardship - my thoughts on the subject

EmergencyToday is a crazy day. Not only are we working hard to get your orders out the door but we are fielding a record number of phone calls and email. Let me help a few of you by addressing a scenting issue here.

Scenting options:
There are books on the market which recommend using essential oils at the rate of 6.5% in a batch of soap. This rate is irresponsible. Not only is this usage rate not sustainable for our beautiful Earth, but this rate can damage waterways and cause the skin to be extremely damaged. Case in point: a man called our offices in complete panic and nearing hysteria. He needed to know how to make soap immediately. He arrived to a distant location just prior to teaching a professional seminar and bought some soap from the local farmers market. He used the soap for the first time on the first day of the seminar. We received his call at lunchtime. His panic to make soap is because his “southern parts are on fire!” These are his words, not mine. He told of using the peppermint soap that was so overly scented that his southern parts felt a stinging, burning, numbing sensation and he could not concentrate on his presentation.

Please use our Fragrance Calculator when making products that are scented with our Fragrance Oils or any Essential oil. If you do not get a recommendation, just ask us. Sometimes an essential oil or fragrance oil is not recommended at all. If this is the case we try to tell you NOT RECOMMENDED. In the event we don’t yet have a recommendation then the Fragrance Calculator will state NO RECOMMENDATION. The latter part means we need to update the web. (WHOOPS!)

Today, please be a good steward of the Earth and use her bounty wisely. Excessive usage rates on fragrances and essential oils is irresponsible and can hurt someone. Only YOU can prevent southern parts from being on fire.


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