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Share Your Thoughts for a Chance to Win!

Share Your Thoughts for a Chance to Win!

Me Holding a Massive Carp

I am a rare type of woman who not only enjoys pink, and playing with make-up, but I also enjoy fishing, camping and getting dirty. Today as I was pondering new ideas for the blog I thought about making a lotion that is specifically for people who enjoy fishing. When my husband and I go out fishing he tends to give me a hard time because I always apply lotion and body spray before leaving my house. He says that those scents will rub off on my bait and end up scaring the fish away. I wondered about making a lotion that is scented with Earth Fragrance Oil, and maybe instead of scaring the fish away it would mask the human smell and draw the fish near. I want to know your opinion!

I could not write a blog about fishing and not brag about my huge catch. The picture you see to the right is me, holding a GIANT carp! Where we live, carp are an invasive species and it is a rule that if caught, they can not be returned to the water. Many anglers in Utah call carp the “trash fish” but I have also heard that a lot of people eat carp and find it quite delicious! This picture was taken as we were camping along the Bear River. I woke up early that morning and the first thing I did was cast out my cheap, pink fishing pole. Right away I snagged this monster! It was a great time.

Do you enjoy going fishing? Do you have any tips or tricks for masking smell? Or do you just apply the sunscreen and head out the door? Please comment below and let me know if you think this lotion idea would work, or if you have any fishing tips to share. I will pick a winner out of the people who comment to receive a FREE soap making kit!

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