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Tea Tuesday - Good Hope Vanilla - Pomegranate Vanilla

Last time I visited with everyone I was cleaning my desk. I would like to report that my desk is MUCH cleaner now that I have cleared a few projects, had the blog team ship the 1 oz bottle samples AND prepared a few new items for the catalog. Today I was out of the office all day doing interviews. We need a new team member for our graphics department and I was off meeting new people for this position. Our week has been very fractured here and I would like to brighten it up by sending tea again. I’ve been having fun writing cards to our readers and sending tea. This is really a special time for me to just enjoy what we do as a whole company. This week I am sending either a Good Hope Vanilla or Pomegranate Vanilla Rooibos Tea. You might be wondering what changed. We will be an outlet for The Republic of Tea. So, from here on out you can expect the flavors of tea I offer to be in our catalog (soon).

To participate in this project it isn’t hard, you just need to send me your address. Remember, this address must be deliverable by the post office AND you need to tell me which kind of tea you would like. I’ll send you a card and some tea so you can put your feet up and enjoy a few quiet moments. If you have received a card and tea please tell the other readers how much fun you have in receiving some mail that isn’t bills or junk. I will certainly send to those who have requested in the past, just send me a new request.

So… you are probably wondering how you can send your address to me. It is simple. Please go to our Contact Us page and choose the Community Pursuits radio button.

Remember to choose your tea AND write your address. I have:

  1. Pomegranate Vanilla Tea (This is a Susan G Komen Sip for the Cure tea)
  2. Good Hope Vanilla Tea,

Have a great Tuesday/Wednesday and remember to take a few quiet moments each day. You need them. You deserve them. They heal the soul!

Take care,

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