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Tranquility Massage Oil

I need practice meditation and finding my inner calm!

I need practice meditation and finding my inner calm!

Some days it is hard for me to keep still. (Okay, make it most days.) My days tend to be high energy and fast paced chaos, riddled insanity. I have been trying to learn how to tone down my intense personality because it can really overwhelm people. It definitely requires practice! While there are days that are successful, there are others that are not. Today I wanted to make a massage oil to remind myself to slow down. If you have any tips, hints or thoughts on how to find tranquility and peace, they are welcome. In the mean time, let’s go make a massage oil!

I really wanted to make this massage oil make me pause and slow down. Some of the best ways to do that is by the scent. I wanted this massage oil to remind me of spring, when the air is crisp and cool and you can’t help but notice the progress that the plants are making, despite the adversity that they face. Come join me for this serenity inducing massage oil!

The scent blend was inspired by our new Perfumery Kit. The kit comes with 100 different fragrances and essential oils as well as all of the tools you need to start creating your own master blends. And while scent blending takes time and practice, it isn’t hard to master! Before you know it, you will start creating fabulous blends of your own! This was a blend that I created after a little tinkering of my own!

Finished Tranquility Massage Oil

Finished Tranquility Massage Oil

Fractionated Coconut Oil
Borage Oil
Cherry Seed Oil
Wheat Germ Oil
Icy Water Fragrance Oil
Crocus Fragrance Oil
Microwave Safe Container


Recipe in Grams
218 grams Fractionated Coconut Oil
28 grams Borage Oil
76 grams Cherry Seed Oil
76 grams Wheat Germ Oil
1 gram Icy Water Fragrance Oil
1 gram Crocus Fragrance Oil
Recipe in Ounces
7.69 oz Fractionated Coconut Oil
0.99 oz Borage Oil
2.68 oz Cherry Seed Oil
2.68 oz Wheat Germ Oil
0.04 oz Icy Water Fragrance Oil
0.04 oz Crocus Fragrance Oil
Recipe in Percentages
54.5% Fractionated Coconut Oil
7% Borage Oil
19% Cherry Seed Oil
19% Wheat Germ Oil
0.25% Icy Water Fragrance Oil
0.25% Crocus Fragrance Oil
Weighing Oils

Weighing Oils

Weigh your fixed oils into a container. Add the Icy Water Fragrance Oil and Crocus Fragrance Oil. Stir well. Pour into bottles and label. How easy was that? Now you have a phenomenal massage oil!

Adding Fragrance Oils

Adding Fragrance Oils



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