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Vanilla Latte Lip Balm

I was so thrilled when I got the news of the return of the Coffee Oil. While this exquisite oil is a little on the pricey side, a little goes a long way, and it delivers the perfect coffee taste. In fact, we just use 2% Coffee Oil in this lip balm for rich, full-bodied flavor. So whether you like black espresso or delicious sweet lattes, the coffee oil is the perfect way to naturally flavor your lip balm.

Finished tubes of the Vanilla Latte Lip Balm.

Finished tubes of the Vanilla Latte Lip Balm.

While I like coffee, I am particularly partial to lattes that are rich, sweet and creamy. When I sat down to design my formulation, I thought I would sweeten it with our Buttercream Flavor Oil. While the results were good, they didn’t have the rich, creamy vanilla flavor that I was looking for. So I went back to the testing kitchen. My favorite results included our Cheesecake Flavor Oil, rather than the Buttercream Flavor or the Natural Vanilla Flavor. I felt the Cheesecake Flavor gave the sweetness, vanilla notes and milk flavors I was looking for. If you love lattes, you have to give this recipe a try. It is awesome!
Mango Butter
Coffee Oil
Castor Oil
Soy Wax
Conditioning Emulsifier
Sugar Baby Flavor Oil
Cheesecake Flavor Oil
Microwave Safe Container


Recipe in Grams
67.5 grams Beeswax
64.8 grams Mango Butter
5.4 grams Coffee Oil
102.6 grams Castor Oil
5.4 grams Soy Wax
13.5 grams Conditioning Emulsifier
2.7 grams Sugar Baby Flavor Oil
8.1 grams Cheesecake Flavor Oil
Recipe in Ounces
2.38 ounces Beeswax
2.28 ounces Mango Butter
0.19 ounces Coffee Oil
3.62 ounces Castor Oil
0.19 ounces Soy Wax
0.48 ounces Conditioning Emulsifier
0.09 ounces Sugar Baby Flavor Oil
0.29 ounces Cheesecake Flavor Oil
Recipe in Percentages
25% Beeswax
24% Mango Butter
2% Coffee Oil
38% Castor Oil
2% Soy Wax
5% Conditioning Emulsifier
1% Sugar Baby Flavor Oil
3% Cheesecake Flavor Oil
To start, weigh everything except your flavor oils into a microwave safe container. Heat gently in the microwave. Once the oils have completely melted, add the Sugar Baby Flavor Oil and Cheesecake Flavor Oil. Stir well.

From here, you can either pipette the mixture into your tubes, or you can use a filling tray. I like using a filling tray because they are simple and fast. If you are using a filling tray, insert your tubes into your tray. Flood the tray with your melted lip balm. Allow the mixture to cool. Scrape off the excess. I like to use a plastic putty knife. Remove the tubes from the tray then cap.

If you are going to pipette the lip balm into the tubes, fill the tube until you get a dome of liquid material at the top. Wax shrinks when it cools and doing this helps ensure that you get a very pretty top. Fill all of your tubes making sure they are domed on the top before they cool. (You may need to reheat your lip balm during this process. This is normal and to be expected.) Allow the tubes to cool and cap.

Now you can give your lip balm a pretty label or put it into a cute bag. Enjoy this great lip balm or give as gifts!

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