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Vinegar - Our Gift to YOU!

I love my job. And no, I am not saying that for a marketing ploy. I work in one of the coolest jobs in the WORLD! I get to try and test new products, formulate like crazy and talk with all of our wonderful customers. I love reading through our catalog and laughing at all of the descriptions. There are some pretty great ones in the fragrance category.

That being said, my favorite category in our catalog is actually our Gifts and Teas section. If you haven’t checked out our Free Gifts Program, you should. There are some awesome things in there that you can treat yourself to every time you place an order. Some of our most recent additions have been some fabulous and mouth-watering vinegars. Let me tell you about them!

First on our list today is the Blackberry Balsamic Vinegar. Now I adore balsamic vinegar. I love pouring balsamic vinegar and olive oil onto a plate then dipping bread into it. The Blackberry Balsamic is perfect for bread, salads, cheese and even drizzled over a pork roast. It is wonderful.

The next vinegar I wanted to talk about is the Ginger White Balsamic. This vinegar is perfect who love the taste of ginger and like to add a little exotic flair to their food. I have enjoyed putting this on noodles, salads, curry and even on flaky fish. This vinegar is a big hit every time I cook with it. You should get a bottle for yourself to try!

The Raspberry Champagne Vinegar is absolutely exquisite. It is tart, crisp and berry sweet. I love it in vinaigrettes, particularly when I am serving salads that are topped with fresh berries. I have even heard of it drizzled atop fresh melons and berries as a simple yet memorable dessert. Or adding some to sparking water to make a spritzer. I think that sounds yummy. Want to try a spritzer with me?

The next vinegar I wanted to talk about is the Fig Balsamic. I must admit that I was a little unsure about trying this vinegar due to my lack of exposure to figs. Goodness, why did I even hesitate? This vinegar is divine. If you are wanting add a note of intrigue to dishes where you normally use Balsamic Vinegar, try the Fig Balsamic. It won’t disappoint.

Until we brought in all of the astounding vinegars, I had never heard of a Balsamic Vinegar that wasn’t dark in color. So you can imagine how much the Golden Balsamic surprised me. This vinegar is wonderful. I like to use it for dipping bread, on salads, fish, chicken and even grilled vegetables. I have taken great delight in using this where I wanted the flavor to surprise people without the color giving away my secrets.

The last one on our list today is the 25 Year Balsamic Vinegar. While the entire staff has loved trying all of the different flavors, for many this was ranked as their favorite. This vinegar is so different from what many of us are accustomed. It is sweet and tart and full of flavor. We have used it every where from dipping bread to drizzling it atop strawberries with whipping cream. If you are looking for a top notch vinegar that can be used from appetizer all the way to dessert, this is it.

If you want to try one of these fabulous vinegars, just let us know in the comments field of your next qualifying order!


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