What is a preservative? Well, let me tell you. A preservative will stop yeast, bacteria and mold from growing in your mixtures. Think of stopping a walking petri dish! Think of preventing a yeast filled bottle from blowing its cork. Think of illness and disease being stopped in its tracks. Whew! What a great product to add to your lotions and creams.

    Grapefruit Seed Extract

    INCI: Grapefruit (Citrus Grandis) Seed Extract

    Grapefruit seed extract is no longer carried in our catalog.

    Some people are using this material effectively for antimicrobial and antifungal compounds. If you choose to use this ingredient as a preservative to inhibit the growth of yeast, bacteria or mold, we still recommend a preservative efficacy test to determine that your formulation is adequately preserved. Sometimes minor changes can alter a preservative's efficacy, including something as small as the choice of scenting material. When using this product as an antioxidant we recommend 0.05 to 0.5 percent.

    If using as a preservative, we suggest 0.5 to 1% with verification through testing.

    We do not recommend this product in soapmaking. If you choose to use this in soap, against our advice, please be prepared for the Grapefruit Seed Extract to accelerate trace. We know some books recommend GSE in soaps but we have a better route to prevent the Dreaded Orange Spots (DOS). If you have soaps that are high in oils like olive, rice bran or sunflower you may develop the oxidation spots called DOS. Palm oil is a big contributor to this problem. What can you do instead? Here is our list:
    1) Limit the soft oils like sunflower, rice bran and olive.
    2) Leave less excess fat. If you regularly leave 6 to 10% excess fat in your soap recipes then use the lye amount in the 5% excess fat field instead. More excess fat means more fats to go rancid.
    3) If your recipe contains a lot of palm oil, reduce the amount. Try for 25 to 30% palm and no more.
    4) Make your soap at slightly higher temperatures. 110 to 120F is better than 80 to 90F.
    5) If you are using milk instead of water go back to number 2 and adjust your lye amount.

    We hope this helps you combat DOS and save your hard earned cash.


    Preservative, Germaben II

    To help keep your lotions fresh and growth free, you will need a preservative.

    Use Germaben II at a rate of 1% for all your lotions that have less than 25% oil in them. Germaben II is a complete preservative, no need to add additional preservatives to your mixture. Can be used in shampoos and conditioners too.

    Germaben II contains:

    • propylene glycol 56%
    • diazolidinyl urea 30%
    • methylparaben 11%
    • propylparaben 3%

    Use Germaben II when making emulsions that have 25% oil or less. If you need assistance with how much oil your mixture has you can contact our technical department for help. You will need your complete formula (in weight only, no volume recipes will be reviewed) at hand to discuss with our technical staff.

    1 gallon Germaben II weighs approximately 9.55 lbs

    Preservative, Germaben II E

    Ever wonder what you should do when making a cream that has more than 25% oil? When Germaben II can't handle it where do you turn? Well, the answer is Germaben II E! The II E variation is for creams and lotions that have more than 25% oil in them. Stop mold, yeast and bacteria from ruining your work! Enjoy making the creams of your dreams without the worry of dark mold or foamy yuck growing from your containers. Use Germaben II-E at the rate of 1% of the total formulation.

    Germaben II-E contains:

    • propylene glycol 60%
    • diazolidinyl urea 20%
    • methylparaben 10%
    • propylparaben 10%

    Use Germaben II E when making emulsions that have 25% oil or more. If you need assistance with how much oil your mixture has, you can contact our technical department for help. You will need your complete formula (in weight only, no volume recipes will be reviewed) at hand to discuss with our technical staff.

    1 gallon weighs approximately 9.15 lbs

    Preservative, Germall Plus, Liquid

    We have now added a paraben-free preservative for your lotions and creams.

    INCI: Propylene Glycol (and) Diazolidinyl Urea (and) Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate

    Use this product at a rate of 0.1 to 0.5% of the total formulation. Liquid Germall Plus can be used when you have more water than oil, and when you have more oil than water. We are only offering the liquid version of this amazing preservative because the powder version is harder to work with and weigh.

    Liquid Germall Plus has no known chemical inactivators and is compatible with virtually all cosmetic ingredients. Happy lotion making!

    Use Liquid Germall Plus when making emulsions, for both water-heavy or oil-heavy emulsions.

    1 gallon weighs approximately 9.6 lbs

    Preservative, LiquaPar Preservative

    LiquaPar is a preservative for sugar scrubs, salt scrubs and other products. LiquaPar Oil can be used in anhydrous mixtures (no water) and simple emulsions. LiquaPar Oil is effective against yeast, mold and gram-positive bacteria. Always have your formulations tested for preservative efficacy before taking them to market.

    LiquaPar Oil is a mixture of Isopropylparaben (and) Isobutylparaben (and) Butylparaben.

    For your scrubs and butters that have no water we suggest using LiquaPar Oil at a rate of 1% by weight. LiquaPar Oil can be used with other preservatives as well. Preservative efficacy testing is the only way to be sure your usage rate is adequate.

    1 gallon weighs approximately 9 lbs

    Preservative, Optiphen

    INCI: Phenoxyethanol and Caprylyl Glycol

    Finally, a paraben and formaldehyde-free preservative! Optiphen is a unique liquid preservative formulation which consists of phenoxyethanol and an emollient base. For use in a variety of formulas such as aqueous, anhydrous and emulsion products. Optiphen is a clear liquid preservative that can be easily added directly to the formulation during pre- or post-emulsification, at or below 80C. Optiphen has no pH restrictions in formulating, and is compatible with most ingredients used in the personal care industry.

    Recommended Use Levels: 0.5 - 1.5%

    1 gallon weighs approximately 8.1 lbs

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Neem Oil
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