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    Repurpose Labels

    Do you need a reminder to the family that you have repurposed a pail from MMS to be your compost bucket?

    This label is printed and safe to run through the dishwasher (it won\'t curl, bleed, peel or get washed away). It is entirely water proof and allows you to do a deep clean on your pail by using the dishwasher for a good washing job.

    These labels are FREE with any order. Just add them to your order. If you have multiple pails on your order we will send multiple labels.

    Repurpose! Reuse! Make the Earth a little greener by putting green waste in your garden and not in the landfill.

Save on Neem!

Neem Oil
If you're looking for another product that's great for skin care, look no further than Neem Oil! A perfect addition to lotions, soaps and more! We've even dropped the price!

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2017 Weekly Adventurers Calendar
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