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Rose Hip Powder

SKU: 503-1484

INCI: Rosa Canina Powder

With Rose Hip Powder, we have made some awesome soaps that are exfoliating, refreshing, and beautifully colored. Your soaps could be scented with any MMS Fragrance and be truly inspiring!

You won't believe how easy it is! We could tell you the process is simpler than making ice, but people think we are exaggerating. Folks, really! We wouldn't lie. Soaps with Rose Hip Powder are simple, beautiful, and extremely easy to make.

Recommended vehicle for dispersing: glycerin.

Cold Process Soap: pink to red-brown tones with flecks
Glycerin Soap Base: same as cold process soap
Lotion: not suitable
Bath Salts: not suitable
Lip Balm: not suitable