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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you send free samples?

We will send bag, shrink band and fragrance samples with any order if the request is made at the time the order is placed. Sample requests are filled on an "as available" basis and not a guarantee of receipt. We strive to keep stock on our shelves for samples but from time to time we run out. We will do our best to get the samples you have requested.

Requests for samples to be sent under separate cover (in their own box) requires a UPS account number for all existing accounts. If you have not ordered from us before, may we suggest you try a 10 pack? Evaluations are for product, label, filling and presentation compatibility with your desires. Please take the time to do proper testing.

Are your fragrance oils safe for cold process soap?

Yes! All of our fragrances are tested extensively in cold process soap before they are released to our catalog. You can find out more about the test by opening the Product Information Sheet under the description of the fragrance.

Are your fragrances safe for use in candles?

Yes! You can use any of our fragrances in candles. That being said, we do not test our fragrances for compatibility with candle waxes as our primary focus is soap and body care. There are too many different waxes available to test. Several of our customers do use our fragrances for candles and have not had issues. Some fragrances may need an addition of stearic acid or another ingredient to help bind them to the candle wax.

We suggest for:

– light/moderate scented candle to be 3% fragrance. If the fragrance is heavy or extremely potent, we would recommend 1 to 2%.

– moderate/heavy scented candle to be 5% fragrance. If the fragrance is heavy or extremely potent, we would recommend 3 to 4%.

– heavy/super scented candle to be 7%. If the fragrance is heavy or extremely potent, we would recommend 4 to 5%.

Lighter scents that are volatile may add 1 to 2% more scenting oil over what we have listed above. We never use 10% fragrance oils because we use uncut fragrance oils. Diluted fragrance oils can be used at 10% or greater. I never make candles at 7%. Never, ever. Not even with light fragrances.

Do your fragrances contain phthalates?

Many of our fragrances are phthalate-free. If you contact us with the names of the items you wish to order, we will check their datasheets for DEP. We don't publish a list of the fragrances that are phthalate-free because we do not believe the study which claims that other classes of phthalates cause a small penis, and all classes of phthalates are different anyway. The study never reviewed perfumery.

If you would like to read more, we suggest reading this blog we wrote. It may help answer any questions you may have.

We are always happy to look these up so any customers you have can ask, and you will know how to correctly answer.

Are your essential oils pure?

All of our oils are pure and not adulterated or diluted. We do not use carrier oils in our essential oils at all. Oils are sourced from around the world. Some items are grown here in the USA, while others come from other countries. Some oils are certified organic, but we are not an organic facility, so the certificate does not retain to the oil.

We use essential oils in a lot of cosmetic applications and feel it is in our best interest to offer you a good value while retaining a quality product for our catalog. We are not interested in selling essential oils at astronomical prices. We just want an honest product at a fair price.

You are always welcome to request a Certificate of Analysis and/or a Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometry Sheet for any oil that you purchase. At Majestic Mountain Sage, we are a team of mothers, wives, and daughters. We only want to sell materials we are willing to take home and make into products for our own families. And while that is an excellent start, it also requires transparency about the materials that have earned a place in our catalog. For that reason, you will always be able to request documentation for the products in each order.

Regulatory Documentation Requests

Do you need Cs of A for your products? SDS? Please request them at the time of ordering so they can accompany your shipment.

Certificates of Analysis can be requested for items with a single unit value of $ 25 or greater. Requests for items which are smaller will not be honored. Certificates of Analysis are created for each lot. These documents MUST be requested at the time of ordering. Requests for Certificates after the order has left our facility will not be honored. Cs of A will be sent along with the shipment only.

Some of the other documents that we can produce by request are: GC/MS, Phthalate Statements, Allergen Statements, Vegetarian/Vegan Statements, GMO Statements.

Most of our products now have the Safety Data Sheets and Product Information Sheets below the description. If urgently needed, a SDS will be faxed for emergency personnel only. Other requests for SDS (Safety Data Sheets) will be emailed as our Regulatory Team goes through their request queue.

We will not create regulatory documents for "all orders placed in the last year," if you need these documents please be courteous of our time and allow us to prepare these in advance of your order leaving our facility.

What is your Animal Testing Policy?

β€’ Majestic Mountain Sage currently does not perform any animal testing.

β€’ Majestic Mountain Sage has not performed any animal testing in the past.

β€’ Majestic Mountain Sage currently does not request any animal testing be done on our behalf.

β€’ Majestic Mountain Sage has not requested any animal testing be done on our behalf in the past.

β€’ Majestic Mountain Sage currently does not prevent other companies from doing animal testing.

β€’ Majestic Mountain Sage understands testing on animals may be required by a federal agency to determine a product's suitability or safety on humans.

When required by law, no other testing is sufficient to satisfy the legal requirements for safety to consumers, therefore Majestic Mountain Sage will not hinder the compliance of federal law. When possible, we choose cruelty-free products. We can not foresee a time in the future that MMS will ever conduct animal testing.

Can you ship to countries other than the USA or Canada?

We can sometimes ship orders outside the US and Canada. We need to see a list of items and the quantities you desire. We check with USPS.com to determine what can be shipped to your location, and what restrictions we must follow. We determine the weight of the order that can be shipped to you, and then you will be given a shipping quote. We most often use Priority Mail International to send orders outside the USA.Β 

If you would like a quote, please send a list of the items you desire, along with the quantity you desire, and we will check to see what we can do for shipping that order to you.

Can I make my orders tax-exempt?

Yes! Please contact us, and we will get you the forms we need to be filled out so we can mark your account as tax-exempt.

We currently charge sales tax for Utah.

Can I see my order history?

Once you create an account, you will be able to see your order history reaching back to June of 2022. For any orders placed before that, please contact us.

Why can't I log in to my account?

You may not have an account yet. The first time you could have created an account on our current website was on May 25, 2022. Try creating an account, and if your email address is being used for another account, please contact us for assistance.

Why can't I use my card on your website? I'm able to use it somewhere else!

If you are paying with a mobile device or your web browser has saved your card information, please check that you are using just the last two digits of the year for the card expiration date. Using the full four digits of the year can cause your card to not process and give you an error.

Still have a question?

We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.

Please contact us and we will help answer your question!