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35 mL Powder Sprayer Set

SKU: 149-2970

Easily spray glitter and mica on soaps and bath bombs, make fine pencil lines, or even apply body powders.

These adorable powder sprayer sets are perfect for using in your soaping workspace or filling finished powders for your customers to use. Use the powder sprayer with glitter or mica to spray onto soap or bath bombs, or fill with drying body powder, soothing foot powder, or even body shimmer powder!

You can fill this bottle with any dry, fine powder. Your preferred powder will dispense from the bottle in a mist-like cloud. We think it's perfect for any soap and body care maker! Try it with our Ultrafine Iridescent Glitter or a body powder made with Dry Flo TS.

A set includes one bottle and one powder spray top.

How to use: Fill the bottle to the shoulder with powder of your choice. Gently place and screw the top onto the bottle. Remove the cover cap and point the nozzle towards the product or skin and spray to dispense powder. Be careful! The powder will become very airborne. In a production setting, we recommend protecting surfaces that shouldn't be coated and wearing a face mask.