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Cherry Taffy Fragrance Oil

SKU: 303-4412

Do you know those candy stores with a taffy pulling machine in the window? The ones where you walk through the door into a shop filled with captivating aromas? Fill your shopping basket with taffy, rock candy, gum, lollipops, and even jelly beans. We captured all of that childhood nostalgia with this sweet fragrance!

Cherry Taffy combines Jamaican cherries, sweet strawberries, tart pineapple with rose milk, tender apricots, juicy peaches before being topped off with fluffy cotton candy!

Cherry Taffy Fragrance Oil is compatible with our Cyclomethicone. This means you can easily make room sprays, dry oil sprays, and more!

Photo Note: The left half of this bar of soap is unscented soap, and the right half is soap scented with Cherry Taffy Fragrance Oil at a 2.5% usage rate following our Fragrance Calculator Recommendations. The circle in the soap shows that the soap went through the gel phase.

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