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Cotton Candy Fragrance Oil

SKU: 303-4212

This fragrance was revised in June 2021 to comply with the 49th IFRA Amendment.

The teen scene around here has been beating the R&D door for cotton candy for quite some time now. Well, once left to their own devices, the teens gave a vivid description, and our R&D staff came through!

Cotton Candy is more than just pink fluff; it has dominating vanilla notes mixed with hints of cherry. Very realistic! And you don't need to track down the nearest carnival either! When the parents around here tried the new Cotton Candy scented soaps, they were very impressed. When this fragrance was on the filling line, our teens AND adults were giddy with anticipation for taking the first production releases home! Now, you can't beat that.

Cotton Candy Fragrance Oil is NOT compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Photo Note: The left half of this bar of soap is unscented soap, and the right half is soap scented with Cotton Candy Fragrance Oil at a 2.5% usage rate following our Fragrance Calculator Recommendations. The circle in the soap shows that the soap went through gel phase.