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Flat Cellophane Bags

SKU: 202-4984

These flat style bags have a nice side seam, so you don't need to worry about a front or back to the bag—a real time saver in setting up your gift baskets or display.

The 3x5 inch size nicely holds a small soap bar or single-serving bath salts—premium grade material for extra strength.

The 4x6 size bag will nicely hold a bath size bar or a 1/4 lb. of bath salts. The 4x6 size will also hold a few small-sized bath bombs.

The 6x8 size bag will hold potpourri, handmade washcloths, or a really large size soap. Each packet of bags contains 100 bags. Clear only.

Photo Note: Shown from left to right, 6 x 8 (202-4964), 4 x 6 (202-4994) and 3 x 5 (202-4984).