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Lilikoi Fragrance Oil

SKU: 303-3892

Lilikoi is the passionfruit in Hawaiian. Lilikoi is pronounced lil-li-koi, think lil as in slang for little, li as in lick, koi as in the fish (sounds like coy).

The passionfruit is popular in many drinks and certainly not just for adults. The fresh and sweet notes are incredible for scenting soaps and lotions. If you have never had a passionfruit let me try to explain. Citrus notes like lemon peel have a soft peachy highlight, then juicy raspaberries and blackberries sweep the senses and bring in the violet undertones. Vanilla amber takes care of the dry down and you have a passionate thrill right in a bottle! Makes great soaps, lotions, room and body scenting products.


Lilikoi Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!