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Starfish Diffusers

$775 $825
SKU: 414-0670

The Starfish Diffusers are limited to stock on hand and will be discontinued.

This gorgeous starfish has me dreaming of being under the sea without any troubles. I want to throw my worries away and spend the day playing. Channel the peace of aquatic life with these delightful diffusers.

Don't forget that putting the fragrance on the diffuser pads will allow you to enjoy your favorite fragrances without your body chemistry altering the fragrance.

Necklace Diffuser: Both the diffuser and chain are made from stainless steel and do not contain nickel. The diameter of this diffuser is 1.19 inches and the total necklace length is 22 inches.

Auto Diffuser: The diffuser is made from stainless steel and does not contain nickel. The diameter of this diffuser is 1.19 inches, and the total length of this air vent clip diffuser is 1.5 inches.

Don't forget to order a Diffuser Pad in your favorite color for this diffuser!

Photo Note: Shown from left to right with the Cerulean, Grey, Forest Green, Purple Aqua, and Lime Green Diffuser Pads.