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Vanilla Mint Lip Balm Kit

SKU: 404-3250

Need a fun project for the holidays? Collect the kids, invite your friends, or collaborate with your cousins! We've got a project that will be great for giggles and holiday memories.

Our Lip Solutions has been a popular base since the beginning days of our catalog. It is premeasured for your lip balm making, so you don't need to buy a scale. So, what could we do to make the Lip Solutions better? Make it into a Gift Kit, of course!

This kit includes:

The preparations to make this kit do not allow for substitutions.

Making the lip balm is easy. Open the jar of Lip Solutions, and melt it in the microwave for about 1-1/2 minutes. Stir with a pipette. Add flavor oil and stir well again. Use the pipette to transfer the lip balm from the Lip Solutions Jar into the small lip balm jars. Allow to cool. Cap and label! You now will have about 35 lip balms to share with your friends and family!

A full instruction sheet will accompany your kit!

If you want to color your Lip Balms, consider getting our Oil Soluble Lip Balm Colors. You will only need a small amount to color all of your lip balms.