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Vanilla Oleoresin, Water Soluble

SKU: 302-2020

Vanilla Oleoresin, Water Soluble - 5 mL is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The most adored fragrance/flavor worldwide, vanilla is unmatched by any other. Our Bourbon Vanilla Oleoresin 20 Fold is out of this world when it comes to vanilla. No, it doesn't contain bourbon; the name comes from the area where the distillation process was developed. Think fabulous 20 times stronger and a thick, resinous yet pourable fluid with the most sensual odor. This vanilla is a water-soluble solution and is suitable for any aqueous or emulsified product. The staff was asked to smell this new scent, and the reaction I got the most was my arm grabbed, and the perfume strip was put right back under the nose for a deep inhale! Amazingly incredible. I am sure you will love this natural vanilla oleoresin.

The lab just brought me samples of hair conditioner, bubble bath, sugar scrub, body milk (all MMS Bases) scented with this vanilla. The products are a warm tan and smell yummy! Best of all, we scented a full gallon of Body Cream Base with a single 5 mL bottle of Vanilla Oleoresin.

Our blog team tested the Vanilla Oleoresin in cold process soap, and their conclusion was "our summary is not a failure, but not desired either." If you would like to read about this testing, click here to visit the blog posts about our testing!