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Kailua Bay - June Swap Lotion

    Date : 2000-08-31

    This formula was one I whipped up for all the devoted swap fanatics who joined me to swap soap in June. It was apparently well received, almost all of them have contacted me for the recipe, they want more. The lotion itself is a light, fast-absorbing formula scented with our new "Kailua Bay" fragrance oil. This scent is absolutely one of my very favorites, it sold out in the first two weeks we had it. One whiff and you'll be hopelessly addicted. No Kidding!

    This was made on the blog on January 12th 2010.


      2 grams Citric Acid
      14 grams liquid Glycerin
      24 grams Stearic Acid
      49 grams Emulsifying Wax
      40 grams Mango Butter
      70 grams Sweet Almond Oil
      20 grams colorless Jojoba Oil

      823 grams Distilled Water

      8 grams Germaben II
      3.5 grams Kailua Bay Fragrance Oil (a little goes a long way with this one)


    Weigh all ingredients into a microwave safe container except the Germaben II and your scent. Heat until oils and waxes have completely melted. Using your immersion (stick) blender, mix until you have created a creamy emulsion, it will resemble warm milk. Let this cool slightly, then carefully add Germaben and fragrance oil. Pour into desired containers and gently shake periodically as they cool to prevent separation from occurring.

    Notes & Comments:

    This is a good base recipe and you can easily swap out the fragrance to add your own creative touch. Good Luck & Enjoy!


    This recipe makes approximately 32 fl oz of cream.