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Stephanie's French Green Clay Soap

    Date : 2002-11-07


      2 ounces Aloe Butter
      6 ounces Coconut Oil
      15 ounces Olive Oil
      10 ounces Palm Kernel Oil
      3 ounces Shea Butter, Refined

      12 ounces Spring Water
      5.18 ounces Lye (If you check this against the Lye Calculator, we are leaving 7% excess fat.)

      2 Tablespoons French Green Clay

    Essential Oil Blend

      0.15 ounces Cedarwood Essential Oil
      0.35 ounces Orange Essential Oil


    I like to remove a little bit of the soap mixture and add the clay to this. This way I can mix the clay in really well.. Once the clay is mixed and all the little clumps have been eliminated, I incorporate this portion back in with the rest of the soap.

    Since most clays tend to want to clump, I like to start the actual process of incorporating the clay at a very thin trace. =)


    The end result is a rich, creamy and very hard bar that has a ton of lather. Even though this recipe does tend to have a higher percentage of lathering oils, it is NOT drying in the least. Give it a try!!