Lip Balms
Make Your Own Lip Balm

    Date : 1998-01-30


    The tubes will hold about .15 ounces of product.
    The pots will hold about .25 ounces of product.

    All terms of measurement are weights. You can do it in ounces, grams or pounds.
    Good luck!


    Weigh all ingredients. Melt in a double boiler (bain marie) until all items are melted. Beeswax is the item that will take the longest to melt. Use caution and never heat over direct heat. Once the oils are melted use a transfer pipette to dispense the solution into lip balm tubes. Be careful not to burn yourself. Oils and wax get hot very quickly and the temperature can climb higher than you suspect. Fill tubes until the inside screw is barely covered. Allow to firm for a few minutes. Once the lower tube is firm then top off the tube with more oil/wax solution. The dropper can be used to make a dome of solution on the lip balm tube. Once the solution cools there will be a slight indentation from shrinkage. Cap when all tubes are filled.

    Notes & Comments:

    Always use a plastic transfer pipette. Glass droppers are cooler than the oil mixture and it will quickly solidify inside the dropper.

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