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10-day Soft Skin Challenge with Lanolin Butter, Day 1

10-day Soft Skin Challenge with Lanolin Butter, Day 1

I hope you’ve had enough time to get your ingredients and make your own batch of Lanolin Butter for our Soft Skin Challenge. We’re now starting the application challenge and share the pictures of our guinea pig volunteer’s arms for the next 10 days to give you an idea of how the skin looks after 10 days.

A reference photo of how much Lanolin Butter we are using.

A reference photo of how much Lanolin Butter we are using.

If you would like to share your pictures with us of how your skin is responding to the 10-day Soft Skin Challenge with Lanolin Butter, we would love to see and even share your pictures here on the blog!

Application Notes (again): This is not going to be a creamy and easy-to-apply lotion or cream. This is a stiff, ointment-like butter that will need a combination of body heat and friction to be applied.

I recommend about 2 inches worth of this butter if you have it in a tube, or about the size of a small cherry if you are scooping it out of a jar. Place the blob of butter between your hands and allow it to warm up with your body heat for about 20 seconds, which is about how long it takes you to sing the “A-B-Cs” or Happy Birthday. Your body heat will help make this more fluid pliable. Rub your hands together to create some friction and make the butter even more fluid, I mean, pliable for application. Now apply to all those rough spots like arms, elbows, knees, knuckles, or heels that feel like there are so many layers of skin that haven’t sloughed off, that you may have 1/4 to 1/2 an inch of skin!

After applying to your skin in those spots with 181 million layers, I like to put socks or finger-less gloves on to prevent my feet and hands from loosing this precious substance. If applying before bed and you find that you are not comfortable with socks, there are fabulous toe-less socks that you can get because most of the time our heels have the most desperate need of TLC. Let your toes wiggle and treat your heels at the same time!

We applied the Lanolin Butter to our volunteer’s arm and let him go about his day. Our goal is to photograph the treated arm and non-treated arm next to each other and show the changes of the skin. Since we are treating an arm for this challenge, we aren’t putting on any special sleeves or long gloves. We’re going to photograph the arms and then apply the Lanolin Butter each day.

A comparison of our volunteer's left and right arms.

A comparison of our volunteer’s left and right arms.

Our volunteer's left arm before the first application of Lanolin Butter.

Our volunteer’s left arm before the first application of Lanolin Butter.

Come join us in this 10-day challenge! I’m excited to see how your skin looks and feels after 10 days of application.

Don’t forget, come join me on November 6th for the ingredients listing that will start another 10-day Soft Skin Challenge. Want a certain ingredient in the next challenge? Let me know and I’ll be happy to add your favorite ingredient to the recipe!


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