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Arrowroot is back!

Arrowroot Powder is a favorite substitute for talc in body care products, and we are excited to have it back in stock for you! We love being able to offer a safe, plant-based talc alternative to our valued customers!

Summer may be on the wane, but there are still plenty of warm temperatures ahead. Add arrowroot powder to your favorite body powder recipe to absorb the excess moisture that can cause skin irritation and rashes. And this arrowroot powder is just in time for making holiday self-care gifts for friends and family.

Here are some pretty neat ideas from past blogs for powders you can create using our arrowroot powder:

Lightly Mint Foot Powder

This foot powder makes me think of my mother and my firstborn daughter. Mom enjoyed powdering little Mallory’s feet then rubbing them together with the silky powder providing glide. It was a delight watching grandmother and granddaughter have that special bonding time making eye contact and getting to know each other. Mallory clearly loved the attention, and having her feet powdered made her giggle and grin! I think using lavender essential oil instead of mint in the linked recipe would make a lovely baby powder!

Gentle Body Powder

This body powder recipe is scented with our Baby Powder Fragrance Oil, but of course, you could use any fragrance or essential oil. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a big puff to dab this powder wherever you need it? The bottom line will be a soothing powder you can apply to keep rashes and excess moisture at bay!

No one enjoys being all sweaty and having a rash, so get yourself some Arrowroot and powder away!

Orange Butter Lip Balm

This has been one of our most popular promotional lip balms! We are often asked if we brought this lip balm to events, conferences and even business meetings.


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Basic Bar Soap

This recipe is the basic recipe that we use to test fragrances, colors or other additives.


    4 oz Coconut Oil or Palm Kernel Oil (See Comments...
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Lemon Cookie Lip Balm

I didn t want to miss out on the slightly nutty kick that the poppy seeds contribute. Instead, I added a small amount of Black Pepper Essential Oil to...
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