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BREAKING NEWS! Blowing Bubbles is back!

I have excellent news! Blowing Bubbles is back in the catalog. I am all about fruity scents so I am not going to lie, when I heard Blowing Bubbles was coming back to the catalog I did my happy dance!

Cute little girl is blowing a soap bubbles

Cute little girl is blowing soap bubbles

Blowing Bubbles Fragrance Oil takes me way back to playing in the sunshine in my parent’s backyard with a big piece of Hubba Bubba bubble gum in my mouth. This fragrance hits your nostrils with a berry blast of strawberries, blackberries, and wild huckleberries. With hints of pineapple and rose, this fragrance is a must have for this summer!

When I smell Blowing Bubbles Fragrance oil I think it would be mouth watering in a body spray! This would make for a perfect body spray to put on before a day out shopping with the girls or even to a family barbecue! There are so many different ways you could use this fragrance oil. Mix it with some Spray Clear Emulsifier and water to make a room spray. Put it in one of our lotions bases for a fun summer time lotion!

Today I am dying to get rid of the old french fry smell in my car, you know the smell. Don’t pretend like you don’t! I am going to put a dab of Blowing Bubbles Fragrance Oil on a sachet card and hide it under my car seat. Let me know what you guys would use this fragrance for! I would love to hear some ideas.


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