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Chocolate Cream Luscious Lip Balm

Chocolate Cream Luscious Lip Balm

Do you ever chew on your lower lip? It’s an unfortunate habit of mine, and as I was considering what to make next for the blog, I was peeling dry skin off my lower lip with my teeth.

It only took me about 15 minutes of this activity to come up with the idea to make a luscious lip balm to help my poor, abused lips!

Our weather has been brutal lately. We’ve had temperatures between -10 and -30 with winds ranging from 5-25 mph. I spend at least two hours a day outdoors doing chores on our farm, so my face and lips take a beating. Let’s see if this lip balm holds up to the extreme Alaska winter conditions.

I chose Shea Butter for its super moisturizing properties. A bit of Lanolin and Emu Oil will add staying power and extra emollients. Hemp Oil is a favorite to pamper skin, including lips. The formula is rounded out with Cocoa Butter and Castor Oil, both favorites in lip balms. And of course, Beeswax provides the stiffening power.

Since I’m using regular Cocoa Butter (not deodorized), I’ll choose a flavor oil that will complement the chocolatey tones it will provide. Chocolate Cream seems perfect to me!


Gather the following supplies and equipment to make this lip balm along with me.


Beeswax, Light
High Melt Point Shea Butter
Cocoa Butter, Regular
Hemp Oil
Emu Oil
Castor Oil
Chocolate Cream Flavor Oil


Microwave-safe container
33 mm Lip Balm Jars and Caps



10 grams Beeswax
10 grams Shea Butter
2.5 grams Lanolin
7.5 grams Cocoa Butter
10 grams Hemp Oil
2.5 grams Emu Oil
6 grams Castor Oil
1.5 grams Chocolate Cream Flavor Oil


20% Beeswax
20% Shea Butter
5% Lanolin
15% Cocoa Butter
20% Hemp Oil
5% Emu Oil
12% Castor Oil
3% Chocolate Cream Flavor Oil


Weigh all ingredients but flavor into a microwave-safe container or double boiler. Gently melt ingredients, stirring often to help hard oils and beeswax melt. Don’t overheat the mixture.

Once all the oils have melted, stir in flavor oil.

Using a plastic pipette or by pouring, transfer lip balm to the Lip Balm Jars (or whatever container you decide to use). Allow jars to stand open until lip balm has solidified, then put lids on them.

Label and enjoy!


This lip balm goes on so smooth, tasting and smelling delightfully of chocolate. It has done a great job moisturizing my very chapped lips. Highly recommend you try this asap!

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