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Cold Process Soap Beginners Class

During the month of April we offered several Cold Process Soap Beginner classes and had a great time learning about the terminology, equipment, and a step by step guide in making our own first batches of cold process soap.

Everyone received a beginners equipment package that included a (scale, goggles, gloves, soap buckets, soap spoon, pH test strips, thermometer, and their own Soap Making Workbook “When It’s Good to be in a Lather“). They also received 4 complete 1 lb soap kits to make their own first batches of soap. We had a few students that took the class twice and for their second class they received 10 – 1 lb soap kits. Wow, this got them off learning the techniques in making cold process soap.

We did have an instance when someone had a batch of soap that took off in temperature and reached 200 degrees. I won’t name any names. 😉 This was a great opportunity for me to see how things could go wrong and best of all how to correct this from happening again. I feel like I am ready to conquer most soaps now. I have added several photos to show you how much we learned and enjoyed this class. I am really excited to be offering this new series of classes.

So are you all ready for an Intermediate Cold Process Class? I’m getting excited for this next class. Everyone will receive several batches of soap to make but I’m trying to decide what to include in this class. Some students have suggested adding multiple colors, maybe swirls, or adding different types of objects into the soap. What would you like to do? I need a few suggestions so I can finish putting this class together.

Thanks for playing!

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