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Deanie - Gift Certificates and lots of care

If you are a spinner then you may have heard of Spinderella’s Fiber Mill. This local shop is a mom and pop place for sending fleeces to be prepared into roving, dyed, and/or spun into yarn. Lynn started this business years ago and has been preparing some of the nicest fleeces ever since. Jim is the resident spinner and the machine maintenance guru. Jim is meticulous at the spinning process, and to watch their big carder (Meriwether) is amazing. Jim’s spinning equipment processes pin drafted roving into some of the most beautiful yarns, my favorite knitting yarn is a 3 ply from Spinderella’s. Read more about Spinderella’s Fiber Mill at www.Spinderellas.com

Lynn and Jim care for their son, Deanie. While Lynn was pregnant she caught a virus that permanently disabled Deanie. Lynn has been able to teach me a few sign language words because she uses ASL with her son. Jim and Lynn are awesome people. They could use a helping hand with Deanie who needs some unique muscle therapy to give him more pain-free living. Read about Deanie and his therapy at http://www.gofundme.com/wwwnowicanorg.

You can also help by buying a GIFT CERTIFICATE for yourself at TheSage.com! We will donate 100% of the value of your gift certificate to Deanie’s fund, just put a note in the message area that this is for Deanie. You can write a message to Lynn, Jim and Deanie and we’ll send a note to them. If you need fiber processing we can highly recommend www.Spinderellas.com!

Thank you for your assistance!

Orange Butter Lip Balm

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Basic Bar Soap

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    4 oz Coconut Oil or Palm Kernel Oil (See Comments...
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