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Doggy Dozen for August 2016

Doggy Dozen for August 2016

Yowza! It’s August and I’m excited to share the products for our August Doggy Dozen Program.

PawPrintI’m going to ask that you don’t hit me over the head yet because this list was inspired by lip balms and lotion bars, so I’ve picked another round of twelve items that will make great lotion bars, lip balms and other anhydrous products. I’m excited to make products with ingredients that help the dogs and cats over at Four Paws! Here’s the list for you!

  • Lotion Bar Tubes
  • Beeswax, Light
    • A staple in my cupboard for lotion bars and lip balms, beeswax is easy to work with. I rarely have problems when using beeswax and I love that worry free feeling. The Light Beeswax is perfect for making any product where you want little to no additional color.
  • Beeswax, Yellow
    • If I’m going to put the Light Beeswax on the Doggy Dozen, I should put the Yellow Beeswax on at the same time! I love the color of the Yellow Beeswax and the sweet aroma that it has. No more smoky odor for a yellow beeswax!
  • Sweet Almond Oil
    • I love Sweet Almond because it is so versatile! I can use it anywhere and I truly mean anywhere! From massage oils to soaps to lotions to lip balms to scrubs, Sweet Almond Oil is my friend that can either take the limelight or work behind the scenes!
  • Hydrogenated Soybean Oil
    • Another versatile oil, Hydrogenated Soybean is one of my favorites because it doesn’t wipe out my pocketbook like my sister given free reign in a bookstore. (Don’t tell her that I just threw her under the bus!) I like using Hydrogenated Soybean for my soaps, lotions and even lip balms! Don’t knock it until you try it!
  • Castor Oil
    • The giggly Queen of Lip Balms, Taylor, will tell you that Castor Oil makes every lip balm go from good to FANTABULOUS! She will talk your ear off about the creamy, luscious and long lasting feel that Castor gives to lip balms.
  • Natural Vanilla Oil
    • What isn’t there to love about the Natural Vanilla Oil? This is my favorite use for this delectable ingredient is to flavor lip balms. If combined with other lip safe essential oils, I can get several fabulous flavors that are amazing! Try mixing with orange, peppermint or even cinnamon for a fun twist.
  • Juicy Grape Fragrance Oil
  • High Lycopene Oil
    • Pamper your skin with our new High Lycopene Oil! Use it like you would any other extract and add extra oomph to your lotions, creams, lip balms and more. What does High Lycopene Oil do? It aids in maintaining great skin health and encouraging moisture retention in your skin. (Thank those Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids!) Try it today and love the color as well as beneficial properties!
  • Black Currant Oil
    • This oil is another fabulous splurge oil for leave on products. The high GLA content means this dreamy oil is a treat for the skin. (GLA is another one of those super fatty acids.) Spoil yourself a little with this oil in a lip balm or lotion!
  • Black Bottom Twist Lip Balm Tubes
    • The Black Lip Balm Tubes are probably my favorite. I think the black color is so classy and pairs beautifully with any cap color. Try this gorgeous tube in your next order!
  • Dirk’s Bees Lip Tube Caps
    • It’s time to start harvesting honey and the Dirk’s Bees cap would be great for your honey flavored lip balms! This will be a perfect cap for the beekeepers in your life!



P.S. Supporting local programs like Four Paws is fun. Check your local yellow pages for a shelter or rescue group that needs your help. Find a furry friend to bring home or help support them with time, services or donations. Shelters and rescue groups truly value every little bit of support!

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