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Eye Makeup Remover Study

I remember watching my mother take off her waterproof mascara with baby oil when I was a child. I got to experience it when I started wearing waterproof mascara from time to time in high school. It was very oily and stayed on the skin even after trying to wipe it off with a warm washcloth. It was effective in removing makeup but not very pleasant. Now we both use high-end, very expensive oil-free eye makeup removers, but I am very fed up with what I am paying for it! Time to raid the blog kitchen and see what I can find!

I took home samples of several different (much more pleasant) oils to try for a week. I tried Sesame Oil, Coconut Oil Fractions, Sweet Almond Oil, Peach Kernel Oil, and Colorless Jojoba Oil.

I first tried Sweet Almond Oil. It worked fairly well. It got off all of my eye shadow and most of my mascara. It also soaked into my skin quick so it did not leave an oily residue on my eye lids. I found Peach Kernel Oil to be pretty much the same result. It did the job well enough and it did not give me a case of the icks afterwards.

Next I tried Coconut Oil Fractions. I would never use this on my eye again. Let me try to explain why. Using Coconut Oil Fractions on my eye is like wearing contacts on a windy day. You can risk doing it but why when there is a better alternative? My eyes felt mildly irritated with this oil. It got the job done but since there are so many other oils to choose from I would not recommend this one because of the discomfort it brings to the eye.

When I tried Colorless Jojoba Oil I felt that it left my eye dry. It too did the job but I did not like the after effect.

The winner for me was definitely Sesame Oil. I felt like it got all of my makeup off and it did not irritate my eye. It does leave some oil on the eyelid, but a warm washcloth will take it off. I liked the slickness of the oil and that I didn’t have to scrub at my eyelashes to get off my mascara.

There are many more oils out there to try and I only sampled 5 of them. Which oils would you try? Does climate effect your choice of oil (humid or dry)? I live in Utah where it is really dry. If you live in a more humid climate would you choose an oil that soaks in quicker? Have fun doing your own experiment!


Samples of oils.

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