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Rose Otto Body Butter

I have been having so much fun trying out all the different bases at MMS that I have another recipe for you with an interesting scent. Bulgarian Rose Otto is a scent that takes me back to my Great Aunt’s house back in California where I grew up. She and her husband never had any children so she spent all of her time and effort in her gardens. She had dozens and dozens of rose bushes and I used to love smelling them. She always had a vase of roses on her kitchen table.Bulgarian Rose Otto is an essential oil that is extremely strong. We used so little in an entire gallon of Body Butter and we got an awesome rose scent out of just a few drops. Typically it takes at least a half ounce to an ounce of fragrance oil to get this type of potency. Wow! Hopefully this will inspire you to try this at home yourself!

Bulgarian Rose Otto
1 gallon Body Butter Base

Soap Spoon
Plastic Bag
Small Beaker

Recipe yields approximately 115 ounces.

Recipe in Grams

0.8 grams Bulgarian Rose Otto
1 gallon Body Butter Base

Recipe in Ounces

0.03 ounces Bulgarian Rose Otto
1 gallon Body Butter Base


Measure out 0.8 grams of the Rose Otto into a beaker and pour into the gallon bucket. Mix with a soap spoon until you are too tired to continue and then scoop into your large plastic bag. Knead the bag for a couple of minutes to ensure that the Rose Otto is mixed in well in the the Body Butter Base. If it helps you can put some color into the base. Once your color is mixed then you know your scent is mixed in. Pour into your containers.


If you would like to see how incredible this scent is in a cream please request it on your next order. I am sending 115 samples down to the shipping department so that you can see just how delicate and wonderful this scent is in a cream.


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