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Favorite Scents

I get asked all the time what my favorite scents are. To be honest, it changes with the weather, seasons and even what I have been doing recently. So while I prepare for a summer vacation, enjoy spring and wait anxiously for fresh produce at the local market, let me share some of my current favorites.

First on my list today is Red Grape and Blueberry. Talk about a yummy scent! Think of fresh grapes and blueberries sprinkled with a little bit of sugar waiting to be devoured. This is what Red Grape and Blueberry is in a bottle. Talk about wonderful and attention catching.

Next on my list is Wink. I love, love, did I say LOVE this scent. It makes me feel like a little kid again, no… make that a little princess except my body products are much more preferred! 😀 Think pears, apples, peaches and wild berries with a soft vanilla. Did someone say scrumptious?

Mediterranean Silk. This make me think of a lovely beach with white sand and wild roses filling the air. I also see a little villa in the back ground where people are peaceful and calm. This scent would be perfect for those who are planning a destination wedding. Sweet, softly floral and a little romantic.

Last on my list of favorites today is Sake. This fragrance speaks of true elegance with a flirty side. If Audrey Hepburn could be classified as a scent, this would be it. This is a blend of soft, sophisticated floral with delicate and spunky fruit. I find this appeals to tweens, teens, young women, moms, grandmas, and even great grandmas!

These would make a wonderful part of a Sampler 7. You can try some of my favorites and some you are interested in. Plus, with a Sampler 7, you get free shipping. Order yours today and try some new fragrances!


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