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Flavor Oil Blends

We have a lot of recipes on the blog for lip balms, lip glosses and lip butters. All of those are great but today I wanted to focus on flavor oil blends. I think it is the flavor oils that are the selling point for most lip balms. I’ll admit, sometimes I buy a lip product for the color but it isn’t often. I am more likely to buy if I want to try the flavor. Here is the opportunity to pick my brain for some fun or funky flavor oil blends!

Cherry Cheesecake. Doesn’t that sound just sinful? I think so. I love cheesecake and there is nothing better than cheesecake topped with warm cooked cherries in a sweet glaze. Yikes! I am salivating just thinking about it! I would probably do a blend of 25% Black Cherry Flavor Oil and 75% Buttercream Flavor Oil.

Another flavor blend I would love to do is Lime Rickey. I think Lime Rickeys are probably one of my favorite summer time drinks. I love the sweetness of the grape syrup and the zesty lime. Yummy! For a Lime Rickey Lip Balm, I would use 50% Grape Flavor Oil and 20% Lime Essential Oil and 30% of Sugar Baby. Without the sweetener, the flavor wouldn’t be well rounded or as enjoyable.

Have you ever made lemonade using honey? I have, and I love it! It is fun and unusual. I think it would be fun to make a Honey Lemonade. For a Honey Lemonade, I would use 75 % Honey Flavor Oil and 25% Lemon, USA Essential Oil. I think that sounds wonderful in a lip balm.

I love how winter makes flavored coffees spike in popularity. In the winter it is common to find me at a cafe nursing a flavored coffee and deeply immersed in a book. This winter I have found Butterscotch flavored coffees to be a favorite. I think a Butterscotch Coffee Lip Balm sounds sensational! Where do I sign up? For this type of lip balm, I would include some Coffee Butter in my formulation. I would also use 50% Coffee Flavor Oil and 50% Butterscotch Flavor Oil. This blend would also do well with a sweetener added and even some Natural Vanilla Oil.

If you are looking for something bright, fresh, herbaceous and a little earthy, I would make a Wild Spearmint Lip Balm. I would blend 90% Spearmint Essential Oil with 10% Basil Essential Oil. The Basil Essential Oil will add some spicy and earthy notes to the spearmint. It will make it seem like the spearmint is freshly picked from the woods without having been sorted or rinsed. This would be a perfect blend for any gardener or outdoors lover.

If you are looking for something a little more traditional, try a Creamsicle Lip Balm. Blend any Orange Essential Oil with Vanilla-Banilla Flavor Oil or the Natural Vanilla Oil for this wonderful treat. The best part is you won’t get any brain freeze! You could even add a little Buttercream Flavor Oil for that ice cream taste! I would try 25% Orange Essential Oil, 75% Natural Vanilla Oil.

What are some flavors blends you would like to try? Did any of these inspire you? What are your thoughts?


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