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Fresh Strawberry Room Spray

Label for Monster Away Spray

Label for Monster Away Spray

Okay, so we recently released the Fresh Strawberry Fragrance Oil and it is fantastic! Katy promised that we would share how to make a room spray using the Fresh Strawberry Fragrance Oil so if you have been waiting for this blog, here it is!

This fragrance is sweet, slightly tart and smells good enough to eat. If you like strawberries and the fresh garden season, this is the fragrance for you. It is realistic and a fabulous scent for all ages. You can even label this as a Monster-Away Spray for little kids! And they can even help you make this simple recipe. We made some adorable labels to go with this spray. If you would like some labels contact Shayla in our graphics department and she can make some for you!

Fresh Strawberry Fragrance Oil
Spray Clear Emulsifier
Mixing Container
1 oz Bottles
Spray Heads


Recipe in Grams
3.4 g Fresh Strawberry Fragrance Oil
6.8 g Spray Clear Emulsifier
340.0 g Water
Recipe in Ounces
0.12 oz Fresh Strawberry Fragrance Oil
0.24 oz Spray Clear Emulsifier
12 oz Water
Recipe in Percentages
1% Fresh Strawberry Fragrance Oil
2% Spray Clear Emulsifier
97% Water

Mixing Fragrance, Water and Spray Clear Emulsifier

Mixing Fragrance, Water and Spray Clear Emulsifier

Finished Fresh Strawberry Roomspray

Finished Fresh Strawberry Room Spray

Weigh the fragrance oil and Spray Clear Emulsifier into a container. Mix well and allow to sit for 5-15 minutes. Add room temperature water. (Hot water is more likely to create a cloudy spray.) Mix well. The product will be cloudy for a minute or two but it will clear out momentarily. If it does not clear out quickly, allow the mixture to sit for several days. The cloudy material will either sink to the bottom or rise to the surface. Decant the clear material and put into your spray bottle. Label and spritz!


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