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Grandpa's Fishing Soap

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always been able to ask my grandpa for stories about the fishing trips he used to go on with his buddies. Most of these stories bring a smile to my grandpa’s face and he can’t stop chuckling as he tells the story.

After hearing some of these stories, I was inspired to try making a soap that could be useful to a fisherman. I decided to use Chinese Star Anise since many fishermen (and women) swear that it hides the human scent from the fish. I also included freshly ground coffee beans to help with the removal of the fish scent from the hands.

While I don’t know if this soap will work on convincing my grandpa to take me fishing, I think that this might be a great fisherman’s soap. I’ll have to take some out to the local trout farm next time I go. Maybe they will test it for me!

Come join me in the blog kitchen and we’ll whip up this fun fisherman’s soap.

Finished soap.

Collect needed items:
Coconut Oil
Jojoba Oil, Golden
Palm Oil
Sesame Oil
Sodium Hydroxide
Water (I used Reverse Osmosis Water)
Chinese Star Anise Essential Oil
Coffee Beans, Finely Ground
Soap Spoon
Mold of your choice (I will be using my Guerrilla Mold.)
Immersion Blender
Time spent:
Weighing time: 8 minutes
Adding lye to water: 20 seconds, followed by 60 seconds of stirring
Heating of oils time: 2 minutes
Pouring lye solution into the fat mixture: 15 seconds
Using immersion blender to mix soap solution: 3 minutes
Pour into mold: 10 seconds
Allow soap to rest: 24 hours
Recipe in ounces: (Make three times)
8 ounces Coconut Oil
8 ounces Jojoba Oil, Golden
8 ounces Palm Oil
8 ounces Sesame Oil
4.02 ounces Sodium Hydroxide
12 ounces Water (I used Reverse Osmosis Water)
0.25 ounces Chinese Star Anise Essential Oil
1 tsp Coffee Beans, Finely Ground

Measure fixed oils on your scale. Warm the fixed oils on the stove or in the microwave. I melted the oils in the microwave. Add sodium hydroxide to the water. Mix well. Weigh the Chinese Star Anise Essential Oil in a beaker and set aside.

Combine oils and lye solution. Mix until thin trace. Upon light trace, add the Chinese Star Anise Essential Oil and coffee grounds. Stir well. Pour soap into the desired mold. Allow to sit until soap is firm.

The next morning cut into bars. Stack to allow good air circulation. Allow to cure for several days before using. Longer curing will result in a harder bar.

Thanks for joining me in the blog kitchen. The Grandpa’s Fishing soap samples have been sent to the Shipping Department to send out in orders. I really want to hear your comments about this or any of the other recent blog projects. I hope that anyone wanting a sample soap will request one and if we have any samples we will send them to you.


Adding the lye solution to the oils.

Adding the coffee to the raw soap.

Blending the raw soap and coffee beans.

Mixing the raw soap.

Pouring the raw soap into the mold.

Soap after 24 hours.

Raw soap resting in the mold.

Finished soap.

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