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How Low Do You Go?

Soap scraps from my house.

Soap scraps from my house.

Recently I was washing my hands with some of the wonderful soap that I’ve made and I was wondering how many more uses I possibly could get from this little sliver of a soap in my hands. I decided to wander around my house and for some reason it seemed like every sink and tub in my house had these small chunks of soap. Every time I washed my hands I would use the soap bits so I could try to squeeze out another use, because I knew I could do it. My kids have even told me that I’ve become kind of weird about the “whole soap thing.”

All of my soap scraps have gotten tinier and each time I wash, it takes a little bit longer to get a proper lather compared to if I were using a full sized bar of soap, but I really want to see if I can use these soap scraps until the very end. Just so you know, these slivers of soap are really slippery and sometimes they just fly out of my hands! I’ve even found myself scrambling to catch these slivers before they slip right down the drain.

I’m not sure if I should share this, but what the heck (yes, I’m from Utah), I already have it all out there. 😉 This is what I did, well . . . the parts that I’m willing to share. I began collecting all the soap scraps I could find and I’ve even collected one or two from my sister’s house! Back at my house, I have a soap dish in my bathroom that is home to these little scraps and I use them until they turn into the wafer thin shreds and are extremely hard to use. After all, my kids just reach under the sink and into the pile of unused soap bars long before their soap is just a small scrap. I’ve tried squishing my soap scraps together to make a large chunk of soap, but sometimes they just break up again!

So, I’m here showing you in the photos of the little precious bits that I have left. These little bits seem to be taking their sweet time to disappear. I’d like to know if I’m the only one out there who likes to hang onto these scraps of soap. What do you do? Tell us what you do with those last soap scraps. Are you willing to let go too soon and move onto the next bar quickly or do you stick with that tiny bit to see how low it can go? How low do you go?

To make this a little more fun, share your comment with us about your little bits and I will choose randomly two people who comment and send them some fun items from thesage.com and our blog kitchen.


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