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Ye Olde Romance Swap Sign Ups

Swap gift 2Have you ever wanted to test formulas, packaging or both? I have a fantastic way for you to get a handful of testers who are just like you and get inspiration from other people at the same time! Join our new swap and get a box that comes and makes you feel like Christmas just came again!

This new swap is all about soap and the holidays. Now if you have never participated in a swap before, they are great fun. They are a great way to strut your stuff, get feedback and even test durability of labels and packaging methods. And the best part is that you get to make great friends as well your very own, personal goodie box.

Want to join in the fun? Come join us at the MMS Forum. Sign up for the Ye Olde Romance Swap. Don’t wait too long! Final registration is January 21st. Want more details? Here they are!

Official Details

The theme for this swap is Ye Olde Romance Swap. This swap will be an open swap and will include some fun goodies for you to play with for your creative time. If desired, the recipe for your products can be e-mailed in or sent with the products when shipped. All sent recipes will be included in the swap recipe booklet.

The purpose of this swap is to share products that are inspired by history, historical romance or historical fiction. You can use recipes that you have adapted to modern day ingredients or been inspired by parts of history and/or romance. I’m even going to allow you to choose any point in history, so you can pick any time in history that you want! This swap does coincide with Valentines Day, but you won’t receive your boxes until before White Day (Japan’s second Valentines Day for returning valentines to those who have given to you, March 14th).

To prevent the swap from becoming too big, I am going to limit the group size to 10-15 people. If we have more people that are interested, I will create a second group to allow more people to participate. If you have a limit of items you can or want to prepare, let me know and I will help you arrange to cover any extra participants.

Deadline Dates to know:
Last Sign Up Date: January 21st, 2014
Last Possible Shipping Date: February 21st, 2014
Return Mailing Date: March 5th, 2014

All items will be shipped to MMS.

When you sign up, please list size of your product so I can calculate the box size necessary. Once I know the box size, I will have a postage amount to be included with your package. I will choose the most economical method to ship your package. Normally it is more economical to ship UPS Ground for anyone outside of the state of Utah. If you desire your package to be shipped via one method or the other, please let me know.

What do I included with my package I ship?

  • Your swap items.
  • Money to cover return shipping. (Cash or Money Order ONLY) I will have a total after the sign up deadlines. I will not be able to accept personal checks.

In order to prevent confusion with dates, I will be posting frequently to help remind participants of where we are on our calendar!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to post and ask.

Doesn’t this sound like a fun swap? I hope to see you in the forum.


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