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Humectant Comparison in Lotion, HoneyQuat

Today we are continuing with our humectant comparison tests. To review the testing process, I am using the Granny’s Lotion recipe as my testing recipe. Once all the test batches have been made, I will test the lotions to discover my favorite humectant!

Today we are making the test batch with HoneyQuat. As a humectant, HoneyQuat is a mixture of Honey and a low molecular weight quaternary derivative.

I decided to test the humectant directly on my skin to add more notes about the feeling on my skin. HoneyQuat is very fluid and straw-colored in appearance, soda pop-like in viscosity. Rubbing the HoneyQuat into my skin, I felt a slippery and dragging feel on the skin that quickly changed into a slightly sticky feeling. The sticky feeling was almost like that of spilled soda as it dries. My skin felt sticky until I washed my hands but after washing, my hands felt very moisturized.

Cooled lotion on my finger.

Cooled lotion on my finger.

Due to the texture, I would use no more than 3% of HoneyQuat in any lotion or cream recipe. I think HoneyQuat would be best used in lotions or creams that are meant to have a longer application/massaging in time.

Let’s head off to try out the recipe using HoneyQuat as our humectant!

Collect needed items:

Colorless Jojoba Oil
Stearic Acid
Emulsifying Wax
Liquid Germall Plus
Vanilla Yogurt Fragrance Oil
Microwave Safe Container
Containers for cream (I used a 4 oz Frosted Bottle and Champagne Disk Tops.)

Recipe: (Makes 4.2 ounces or 120 grams)

Recipe in ounces:
3.17 ounces Water
0.63 ounces Colorless Jojoba Oil
0.12 ounces HoneyQuat
0.12 ounces Stearic Acid
0.12 ounces Emulsifying Wax
0.02 ounces Liquid Germall Plus
0.02 ounces Vanilla Yogurt Fragrance Oil
Recipe in grams:
90 grams Water
18 grams Colorless Jojoba Oil
3.6 grams HoneyQuat
3.6 grams Stearic Acid
3.6 grams Emulsifying Wax
0.6 grams Liquid Germall Plus
0.6 grams Vanilla Yogurt Fragrance Oil
Recipe in Percentages
75% Water
15% Colorless Jojoba Oil
3% HoneyQuat
3% Stearic Acid
3% Emulsifying Wax
0.5% Liquid Germall Plus
0.5% Vanilla Yogurt Fragrance Oil

Weigh all ingredients except the additives (Liquid Germall Plus and Fragrance) into a microwave safe container. Heat in the microwave using short time bursts until everything is melted. Blend the ingredients to a smooth, creamy consistency using the immersion blender. Add the additives once the temperature drops to approximately 120° F in the mixing bucket. Stir gently until completely mixed. Pour into containers and allow to cool completely before labeling.

Weighed ingredients before melting.

Weighed ingredients before melting.

Labeled bottle of finished lotion.

Labeled bottle of finished lotion.

HoneyQuat pooled on my hand.

HoneyQuat pooled on my hand.

There it goes!

There it goes dripping off my hand!

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