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Labor Day and Planning Ahead

Labor Day and Planning Ahead

Someone hand me a paddle, I’m floating the river Denial! (Say it out loud – De Nile – get it?)

Autumn is coming to the river.I’m not ready for summer to end, but in the far northern latitudes of Alaska where I live, it’s pretty much done. Labor Day is upon us, and we at MMS will join in the great tradition of this nation to celebrate all who labor by not laboring on the first Monday in September. Who doesn’t love a Monday when you don’t have to get up early?

We’ll be back at work on Tuesday, Sept. 4 to process your orders placed over the holiday weekend, and we will have our ears on to take phone calls for technical support, recipe formulation, product information, or any type of call that comes our way.

In the meantime, here’s a great piece of advice for those of us who like to create handmade gifts for the holidays – don’t get behind before you ever get started! Choose a day as your target for project completion, and count back however long you need to be certain you have all needed supplies on hand and plenty of time for curing if you’re making soap. (Some soaps need to cure as long as 8 weeks!) Then you’ll know when you must order supplies and when you must get busy creating so you have the satisfaction of giving lovely gifts from your hands and heart. (Don’t forget to take shipping time into account if you will be mailing gifts!)

Need a recipe? We have several on the website, and if none of those is exactly what you want, call us! We love to help create recipes to meet any need.

My Labor Day will most likely be spent hauling, splitting, and stacking firewood before it gets nasty cold. There’s nothing worse than cutting firewood at 30 below zero! We’ll probably do some moose hunting, too.

What will you be doing? Tell us about it! And make sure to be safe while having a great long weekend!

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