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Flavor Oil Review: Cucumber Melon

Flavor Oil Review: Cucumber Melon

Cucumber Melon Fragrance was not something that enticed me when it began flooding the market of body care products. I was not sure what I’d think about Cucumber Melon Flavor.

After making a luxurious lip balm using Shea Butter Lip Solutions base flavored with Cucumber Melon, I tentatively swiped a tiny amount over my bottom lip. Rubbing my lips together, I put out my tongue for a taste, prepared to pull it back quickly. But I was intrigued by the flavor that was about as similar to cucumber melon scent as a horse is to a zebra. They are in the same family, but they most certainly are not the same thing.

I tasted sun-ripened honeydew melon balanced by the cool neutrality of the cucumber. It is very much a sweet and fruity scent – the cucumber is not the star here. If this flavor were offered without my knowing its name, I would have never come up with cucumber! Anyone who enjoys a honeydew melon would love this flavor.

When I was a young teen, I skied the slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountains all winter, and my lips were perennially chapped. My sister and I always had fat tubes of lip balm suspended on cords around our necks, and Cucumber Melon flavor oil took me back to those days of sweet flavors and cold winds. But the summery taste of juicy melon made me think of little girls sitting on a lawn making daisy chains and giggling with joy in the sun. They would apply and reapply the cucumber melon lip balm to taste the sweet flavor.

I flavored at the rate of 3 percent, which gave a nice flavor yet did not overpower the taste buds.

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