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Lilac Massage Cream

My name is Joy. I am the newest member of the blog team! I am so excited to be helping out while Andee and Taylor are going to be having an adventure in China for a year. I will be honest here. I am new to lotion and soap making so you may have a lot of laughs at my expense while I am learning. Or maybe my perspective of a newbie will encourage others that are new as well and make you stop and think that this isn’t so hard. Just be safe and don’t burn yourself, break things, and wear your safety goggles and gloves when making soap!

My husband loves the smell of lilacs. We have 3 lilac bushes in our back yard (one of them could really be called a tree it is so large!) and he loves to walk outside in April when they are blooming. It it the first of our flowers that comes out in the spring. Spring is our favorite season in our home. It is the time of year where it is finally starting to warm up after the long cold winters we have here in Northern Utah.

I wanted to create something that had a lilac scent in it that I could use on my husband to remind us of spring in the middle of this hot summer we are having. He is definitely man enough to handle anything with a lilac scent that I throw his way so I decided on a massage cream scented with lilac. When I tried it on him he really enjoyed it. I rubbed his hands and his sore knee and he sat back with his eyes closed. I used the MMS Massage Cream Baseand just added some scent and color. My spunky 3-year-old also enjoyed it, but she is a little massage junky and doesn’t care what you rub on her or what it is scented with.

Recipe:1 gallon of the Massage Cream Base
1/2 ounce of Lilac Fragrance Oil
8 drops of Purple Raspberry
Equipment:1 gallon bucket of Massage Cream Base
Soap Spoon
Plastic Bag


I added the fragrance oil and the color right into the bucket and stirred for a while with a soap spoon. When my arm felt really tired a scooped the contents of the bucket into a large plastic bag and finished mixing by kneading the bag. Make sure that when you tie the bag off there isn’t a lot of air trapped inside. I did this and it made it difficult to mix up. Once your color is distributed evenly cut a small hole in the corner of the bag with scissors and squirt into desired jars. We filled up 192 of the 20 mL lip balm jars but you can use a larger size jar if desired.

Note: This massage cream base is very thick and it takes a long time to rub into the skin. When we added the Purple Raspberry to the bucket we thought it looked like pink frosting. Yum! The amount of fragrance we added is a moderate amount.

If you would like it to be stronger try adding 3/4 of an ounce but no more than 1 ounce in the bucket. If you would like the smell to be lighter try adding just 1/4 ounce of fragrance. Happy massaging!


Finished product in 20 mL jars

Mixing the fragrance and color

Scooping into large plastic bag

Finished mixing color and fragrance

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