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Lip Balm Label Special!

The super cute Halloween Lip Balm label designs!

The super cute Halloween Lip Balm label designs!

If you have ever heard me plot for and gush endlessly on the subject of Halloween, then you know it is the number one ranking holiday for me out of all the holidays in the year! I always have my Halloween costume planned by early summer and spooky music is usually playing in my car after Easter. This year, I have the chance to share my love of Halloween with you in a new way!

I asked our Graphics Team to design several super cute Halloween themed lip balm labels using our new flavors. If you haven’t checked out the new flavors, STOP! Run, check them out and then come back to read about the label special I have for you.

Are you back now? Which flavor is your favorite? Are you excited to try Cantaloupe, Caramel Toffee or Green Apple? I love all of them, but the little kid in me absolutely loves the combination of Caramel Toffee and Green Apple for a perfect caramel dipped apple. Yum! Doesn’t that just say Halloween and fall to you?

Back to the labels! I loved the labels they designed so much, I asked if I could share them so you can have them too! Guess what? We’re printing a special run of these labels just for you!

Let me tell you about this awesome deal! Each style of label is available in a bundle of 50 labels. These labels are printed on vinyl with UV stable inks. This means these labels are basically water-proof! Can you say sweat-proof?(I still don’t recommend running your lip balm through the washing machine.)

How do you order these labels?

When you place an order, you can add a bundle of 50 labels to any order for only $4.00! Simply enter the item code for the design of your choice.
OCT1 = Green Apple Lip Balm Labels, Bundle of 50
OCT2 = Caramel Apple Lip Balm Labels, Bundle of 50
OCT3 = Caramel Toffee Lip Balm Labels, Bundle of 50
OCT4 = Cantaloupe Lip Balm Labels, Bundle of 50

Can you order more than one bundle? Absolutely! Order as many as you want for favors, limited edition lip balms, treats or even just for handing out to friends and family. The labels don’t have ingredients listings, so don’t feel limited to a specific formula.

Want to look at the labels a little more closely? Click on the image above to see all four labels in a larger format!

Don’t delay! The last day to order these adorable labels is October 20th, 2014!


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