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Little Pearls of Wisdom - Be Particular

You make some of the most incredible products in the world. Why sacrifice quality in such

You make some of the most incredible products in the world. Don’t sacrifice your time to less than quality products.

I read a lot. In fact, most of my time outside of work is spent with my nose in a book. I read all kinds of things and while I gain a lot of wisdom from my literary adventures, I can’t always remember the source of that good piece of information. In one of my more recent books, the author talked about how her grandfather had always advised to “be particular”. While the author’s grandfather never elaborated further, she came to realize that his wisdom could be applied to all manner of things from jobs to boyfriends to even clothing and shoes.

Be particular in life. Choosing what is important to you helps bring happiness. When shoe shopping, it is better to buy a good pair of shoes you love than several so-so quality shoes that you sort-of like.

It is no different when selecting ingredients for your handcrafted soaps, lotions, lip balms and other body care products. Choose items that are of excellent quality from reputable suppliers. Call their technical support team and ask questions. Dialog with other crafters and at the end of the day, be particular.

When consider a new product for our catalog, we are particular. There are a lot of cool products out there that just don’t cut it. We are particular because you and your safety are important. Cutting corners doesn’t help either of us. Thank you for being particular with us.


Orange Butter Lip Balm

This has been one of our most popular promotional lip balms! We are often asked if we brought this lip balm to events, conferences and even business meetings.


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Basic Bar Soap

This recipe is the basic recipe that we use to test fragrances, colors or other additives.


    4 oz Coconut Oil or Palm Kernel Oil (See Comments...
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Lemon Cookie Lip Balm

I didn t want to miss out on the slightly nutty kick that the poppy seeds contribute. Instead, I added a small amount of Black Pepper Essential Oil to...
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