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Lotion Sample with Berries & Twigs, Lemon Sugar and Oak Leaves & Acorns

Fragrance Samples!

Fragrance Samples!

I know it seems early but Fall is on its way. To me it’s kind of funny, we see the same seasons, year after year, every year, but it seems like time flies so fast! Before we know it, we will be decorating our homes with pumpkins and looking up recipes for Thanksgiving. I am actually practicing making rolls already! Because this year, I have to put on my own Thanksgiving feast. All by myself! It is actually a little intimidating. Anyway, I wanted to introduce you to a few fragrance oils that have autumn written all over them. Will you come join me?

I will be using a gallon of the Paraben Free Lotion Base. Did you know that only one fluid ounce of fragrance oil can scent an entire gallon of our Lotion Base? That’s right! One fluid ounce, of any fragrance! I absolutely adore our Lotion Base because it is simple and easy to use, and it’s incredibly moisturizing. Did you know our Paraben Free Lotion Base is actually my grandmother’s favorite? It’s the truth! She always asks for a jar for her birthday. She’s so adorable!

First I wanted to start off with Berries & Twigs. Berries & Twigs has a comforting and homey aroma. It is a blend of soft raspberry and gentle grapefruit mixed with earthy oak and cool moss. It actually reminds me of the wooden wreath my mother would hang on the front door every fall. It’s scent was comforting and ready for an intimate family gathering. It smells of the falling leaves and crisp cold that comes with every fall. It truly is one of those fragrances that will take me back to being a little girl. It also happens to be one of our highest rated fall fragrance. Every year we get raving reviews about how stunning this fragrance oil is.

Next on my list today is Lemon Sugar. Lemon Sugar is a happy fragrance. It will let you a variety of zesty citrus like Italian lemon, Asian yuzu, and mandarins with sweet lychee, delicate orange blossom, and the light ginger. Never fear, you know how many fragrance oils that have citrus and ginger together can be overwhelming on the ginger note, this fragrance oil is not the case. In fact, I have known people who absolutely detest ginger say that this is one of their favorite citrus fragrances. To round out the fragrance oil oak-moss, caramel and white santel are used. The resulting fragrant oil is bright, zesty, and sweet, without being overwhelming. This is actually one of my favorite fragrance oils to use to mimic baked goods with citrus in them. Anyone for lemon cake?

The last fragrance oil on our list today is Oak Leaves & Acorns. Oak Leaves & Acorns is a rustic style fall fragrance oil. This fragrance oil makes me think of going up to a cabin just before the snow. This fragrance oil wraps you in a gentle hug of natural pine, fallen leaves, and wild violets that are too stubborn to disappear. It is a warm fragrance, making it slightly different from some of our other autumn fragrances. Many of our other fall fragrance oils have a slight it to them. Just like an upcoming snow storm does. In some ways, it reminds me of stacking the wood at Grandpa’s house making sure they have enough for their wood fired stove all winter long. Isn’t that quite an image in a bottle?


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