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LuAnn's Oil Face Cleanser

The best kept secret just might be in your cupboard!

The best kept secret just might be in your cupboard!

LuAnn emailed me asking for help formulating a face cleanser for mature skin. I decided on making a that is oil based then gently washed off. I chose this style because it is effective at cleansing the skin while still being gentle. This type of cleanser is designed to be rubbed gently into a damp face then rinsed off. Wow! Talk about simple and loving.

First I started with Olive Oil. Olive Oil is a relatively easy oil to get and is excellent at cleaning the skin while being incredible gentle. It is understandable why Olive Oil has been used in cosmetics for thousands of years!

Second, I used Coconut Oil Fractions. Coconut Oil Fractions is a light, silky oil. It helps reduce the heavy, greasy feel Olive Oil can sometimes contribute to a product.

Next, I used Sunflower Oil. Sunflower is another wonderful, light oil. It is also high in oleic acids. Just as it is good to ingest oleic acids, it is good to have them on the skin!

I also used Polysorbate 80. Polysorbate 80 is a mild emulsifier. It allows the cleanser to be rinsed off gently with no fuss. It will also create some mild bubbles when being worked into the skin with water.

Vitamin E Acetate also made its way into this formulation. Vitamin E Acetate has great antioxidant properties. It is great at fighting free radicals, which means it will help extend shelf life of your product. Isn’t that wonderful?

Even though we are not introducing any water to this product, it still is a good idea to add a preservative. Especially when we consider that this product is intended for the face. Please be safe and use a preservative.

Finally, I used Rosemary Oleoresin. It is another antioxidant. It also adds a mild, refreshing odor. Rosemary always makes me think clean. What about you?

Olive Oil
Coconut Oil Fractions
Sunflower Oil
Polysorbate 80
Vitamin E Acetate
Rosemary Oleoresin
Microwave Safe Container


Recipe in Grams
50 grams Olive Oil
25 grams Coconut Oil Fractions
12.5 grams Sunflower Oil
10 grams Polysorbate 80
1 gram Vitamin E Acetate
1 gram LiquaPar
0.5 grams Rosemary Oleoresin
Recipe in Ounces
1.76 oz Olive Oil
0.88 oz Coconut Oil Fractions
0.44 oz Sunflower Oil
0.35 oz Polysorbate 80
0.03 oz Vitamin E Acetate
0.03 oz LiquaPar
0.01 oz Rosemary Oleoresin
Recipe in Percentages
50% Olive Oil
25% Coconut Oil Fractions
12.5% Sunflower Oil
10% Polysorbate 80
1% Vitamin E Acetate
1% LiquaPar
0.5% Rosemary Oleoresin

Weigh everything into a mixing container. Mix well. Pour into bottles, label and enjoy!

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