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Lye Calculator News for Liquid & Cream Soap Makers!

Are you one of the many soap makers who makes or wants to make Liquid and/or Cream soaps? Has one of the things that has scared you away been the horrible four letter word – math? Breathe easy!

The Lye Calculator that you have trusted since 1996 now has the ability for you to calculate Sodium Hydroxide and Potassium Hydroxide Blends! This means you make liquid soaps following the 75% Potassium Hydroxide and 25% Sodium Hydroxide that some soap makers have been using. This helps you make thicker soaps.

Making Cream Soap Booklet.

Making Cream Soap Booklet.

It also means you can make cream soaps using ingredients you have on hand. Use Catherine Failor’s Making Cream Soaps Booklet as a guidebook and find yourself on the path of easy cream soaps.

To help you get started, I’ve made a batch of cream soap that has rotted (aged) for about 4 weeks. I made this cream soap for the programmers as a “Thank you” for updating the lye calculator for us. I’m sending out samples of this cream soap for you to try.

This cream soap has been lightly scented with Peppermint Essential Oil and Menthol Crystals. I have been told the scent and menthol could be stronger next time for shaving purposes. Whoops! I don’t have to shave a beard, so I guessed!

Looking for the cream soap recipe? Follow this link for the PDF to the Lye Calculator printout. I’ve marked the PDF so you see what I did and what percentage of excess fat was left.

Please try out the updated Lye Calculator and give us your feedback! What do you think?


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